Veterans' NHS Wales has partnered with Cardiff University to test a novel trauma focused psychological therapy from the Netherlands military psychiatry department, aimed at treatment resistent veterans with PTSD. Over the next two years the research team in Cardiff, led by Professor Jonathan Bisson, Chief Investigator and Dr Neil Kitchiner Principal Investigator, plus Professor's Robert Van Deursen, Ben Hannigan and user representative Lt Col (Rtd) John Skipper, will recruit 42 military veterans into the study. The aim is to test modular motion-assisted memory desensitisation and reconsolidation therapy (3MDR) on UK military veterans residing in Wales, who have recieved evidenced based trauma focused psychological therapies (TFCBT & EMDR) and remain symptomatic. Veteran therapists from VNHSW are providing participants with 3MDR, include: Victoria Williams, (AMBUHB), William Watkins, (CTUHB), Vanessa Bailey, (ABUHB) Clare Crole-Rees and Dean Whybrow, (C&VUHB). The day to day running of the study is supported by research assistant Kali Barawi: For more information about the study see Cardiff University is also conducting a number of other research studies on PTSD (in civilians) and information about this can be found at