Veterans and Professionals who work with veterans who live in Wales are able to refer directly to their individual local health board, by either completing the on-line submission form (our preferred method) on this website, telephoning, and email contact.

We are unable to respond to crisis calls and recommend individuals in crisis seek help from their GP, Out Of Hours Service or attend their local Accident and Emergency Unit where there is a Psychiatrist on call. Alternatively call one of these 24/7 help lines: CALL 0800 132 737, or Rethink 0800 138 1619.

Veterans and Professionals wishing to self-refer by paper copy should complete this 'Referral Form' and post to their relevant Local Health Board. Guidance notes are below. 

What you can expect

Once the on-line referral form has been received at the Hub at Cardiff or a paper copy of the Referral Form (recieved by relevant LHB), email or telephone call has been received by staff at Veterans' NHS Wales, the veteran will be contacted within as soon as possible by telephone (if possible), or letter to arrange a suitable time for an assessment interview with the local Veterans Therapist (VT).

The assessment will take place in a suitable location near to the veterans’ home or via telephone.

During the assessment, which will last up to 90 minutes (split over two out-patient appointments in required), or 30 minutes by telephone, the veteran will be asked to describe their current problems/symptoms and their effects on day to day activities.

Information will also be gathered regarding his/her background, military service and any previous difficulties.

Consent to access Military Service and Medical Records will be required to verify service and gain access to Veterans' NHS Wales.

Following the assessment an agreed therapeutic plan will be developed and the veteran supplied with relevant information on how they can be assisted and/or treated. If required, specialist services will be contacted on behalf of the veteran to provide an evidenced based treatment package.

NB: we require the veterans service number. Please advise the veteran this will be used to verify their service in the Armed Forces

Guidance Notes on completing the referral form:

Referral Advice to Organisations such as Social Services, Veterans UK, RBL, CAB and SSAFA

1.    Veterans or reservists with mild mental health difficulties should be encouraged to present to their General Practitioner for assessment and appropriate management.

2.    Veterans and reservists with service related needs that are believed to require more specific care should be referred to Veterans’ NHS Wales via the on-line referral form below.

3.    Veterans or reservists requiring urgent or emergency assessment (e.g. posing a significant risk to themselves or others) should be referred to their GP, local mental health crisis service or local Emergency Unit.

4.    Veterans or reservists with non service related mental health difficulties or conditions requiring input from other specialist mental health services (e.g. dementia, psychosis, substance dependence) should be encouraged to present to their General Practitioner for assessment and appropriate management.

5.    Veterans or reservists who fall under points 1 and 4 who are not willing to present to their GP, despite encouragement to do so, can be referred to the Veterans’ NHS Wales if it is felt that this is necessary to help them engage with appropriate NHS services.


Therapy with an appropriate VT is for those veterans with common mental health difficulties of mild to moderate severity.
Treatment provision is aimed at Veterans with Service Related mental health problems.
Veterans presenting with more complex needs and who are unlikely to respond to brief psychological therapy as an out-patient should be referred on to the local NHS secondary mental health services.
Complex needs are defined as:

•    Risk issues (of self or others)
•    Severe depression (with suicidal ideation)
•    Severe, Enduring Mental Illness such as Psychosis, Schizophrenia, Bi-polar Disorder
•    Personality Disorders
•    Drug/alcohol dependency
•    Dementia and neurological brain disorders

VTs can be approached by the relevant local health board for case discussion, advice, or regarding appropriateness of referral to Veterans’ NHS Wales prior to a referral being made. The VT can assist with networking Veterans with complex needs into other appropriate services.
If you wish you make a referral to Veterans’ NHS Wales, please complete the on-line form below. 

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